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Saturday, January 22, 2011

How do you go Green?

I have been thinking lately about what others think about going green. I am thinking that some people either have never considered it just because of the routine that they are use to and others may have thought about it but may not feel that it is that important in their lives. Then there are the few who just have no clue about what to do to start Going Green. I found an interesting article that shares tips on how to go green.  Here are a few tips.


  • Shut down and unplug electronics. Make small changes to use – and pay for – less energy, like shutting down your computer when you're not using it and plugging your cell phone and other electronics into power strips so you can turn several devices off with one switch.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water. By using cold water instead of warm,
  • Fill your bottle with filtered tap water. Choose the greener solution by using a reusable bottle,
  • Exchange CDs, DVDs and books instead of buying. Now you can avoid purchasing new products without forfeiting your entertainment needs. Visit swapacd.com, swapadvd.com and paperbackswap.com for access to thousands of CDs, books and DVDs. Or simply swap with friends and family.
  • Use refurbished electronics. You can get refurbished electronics for a steal (they often sell for less than 50 percent of the retail price!), and before they're resold to the public, they go through an intense defect-testing process and the warranties usually remain intact. So you can save money and help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. Shop at www.dyscern.com and www.refurbdepot.com.
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